Saturday, November 7, 2015

More smalls…..

My workspace was covered with them.  A happy place!
I'm thrilled have found my muse again!

Made with vintage papers, a gifted envelope,
image on acetate, tape, flower, and button.

More of the same plus scrapbook paper, a vintage
ribbon rose mini, and German scrap.

A classic vintage print, vintage sheet music,
and text and textured paper.

8 X 10 Image transfer of vintage magazine ads plus an
image cut-out from that ad over music and text.

8 X 10  I just love vintage magazines!  These are from
an old Kodak camera add.  Made with vintage text
and music, tape, and stamps.

Easing my way back by creating "smalls"

I have begun to create again, fulfilling a need in my soul.  Here are a few of the small canvases I have created with scraps that seem to keep adding up.  

Vintage papers, scrapbook papers, original photo
print of a window in Boston, postage stamp.

A girly favorite of mine using textured and vintage
papers, flowers, a magazine image, and an
interesting question.

Vintage papers, map, book pages, textured paper,
vintage ribbon flowers, acetate images.

Vintage papers, scrapbook papers, original photo
print of a window in Boston, twine, tape.

Scrapbook & tissue papers, sticker, flower,
vintage music and pattern.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Been gone too long…..

What a crazy life!  I would still like to share my work (although I am so far behind), so today I will post pieces you haven't seen here yet.  I'll be adding new work soon!

"Bella", collage with image transfers from vintage magazines, vintage and hand-made papers,
rub-ons, and embellishments.
One of my favorite pieces!

My first collage for a dear friend facing a bone marrow transplant for cancer.   The collages of this type that I have made since that time have improved greatly, but I am proud of honoring a friend I loved.

Now this was fun!  I very large piece, 48" long, the background is paint and poppies cut from napkins, collaged on.  The inner spiral is made from inches collected in a year long swap with friends from all over the world!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Support and success!

The Lakeside Plantation art show was a success - an old friend shared her help setting up before, chatting during, and tearing down after the show, several new friends showed up to support my art, and I successfully sold two pieces!  My new customers visited and shared a cold beverage at the house afterwards, wrapping the day up with smiles.

In my nervousness and the hustle and bustle I forgot to have someone take pictures, but I can share what I sold in pictures……

From the David Austin gardens in England
(photo on canvas)

Beached at Low Tide
Published in Life Images by Somerset,
Summer 2008, Vol. 1 Issue 3

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

One of my greatest works of art….

One of my two greatest works of art, almost ready to reveal her greatest work of art……

My beautiful daughter and I - only 4 more weeks until I meet my first grandchild!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jumping in

On Thursday I will have lived in my new town and new home for a month.  I love it here!

At the gym I overheard a gentleman talking about setting up a book-signing at the clubhouse for his novel Burned, so I jumped into the conversation, offering to share the hourly rental fee with him and combine my artwork with his book signing…..and just like that, we're on!  Yesterday I spent some time creating a flyer to post in the gym and in the clubhouse, as well as at the salon and a great locally owned restaurant nearby.  Both serve our community as well as  the golf community down the road - hopefully we will get some outside interest.

So……ready or not…….here I go!


                  SUNDAY, APRIL 13, 1:00-2:00 P.M.                 


Peggy Parker, a new resident arriving from the Fort Myers area, is an emerging mixed media collage artist.  Her works have been shown and sold at Keiser University on the wall of art featuring members of Arts of the Inland; at Art Walk in Fort Myers; and in private showings.  Peggy received an honorary mention for her Harns Marsh 2 collage at a recently adjudicated Arts of the Inland show.

She is also an avid amateur wildlife photographer, and enjoys using her pictures for image transfer in her collages.  In addition, vintage and modern books, papers, music, maps, and magazines are layered in her backgrounds - often on canvas, but sometimes on reused discarded book backs.   Ms. Parker adds texture and whimsy with fabric, buttons, stencils, stamps, doodles, metal findings, and just about anything she can find!

Personalized collages can be made with your photographs.  Peggy would love to design something special just for you.  She hopes to meet many new friends at the show!

Of course, the photo layout was more compact, but this gives you an idea.  I have also purchased 10 tabletop easels for display, and am permitted to use push-pins in the walls which will allow me to hang smaller works.    To say the least, I am excited about so many things at this time in my life that it is a bit overwhelming!  But, that's me - jumping in!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Beginnings

Re-creation.  I see collage as a process of re-creation.  I see my life this way.  I see myself this way.

My purpose for this new blog is to highlight my artistic and photographic endeavors, to share my love for the arts and nature, and to share a bit of the inner workings that drive me to create.  If you, my readers, can connect to this in any way, my life will be enriched.

The osprey.  This one was showing off, dipping and circling over my head.

One of my favorite subjects, the hawk.

Just your friendly neighborhood alligator, 12 feet away.

Harns Marsh I and II,  mixed media using my original photos and the process of image transfer.  Taken at Art Walk, Fort Myers.
The Airedale, originating from a beautiful 1934 book of dog stories, illustrated by Diana Thorne, and Solitude, an original photo reworked.  Taken at Art Walk, Fort Myers.

If you wish to view the photos isolated, just click on the one you wish to see.  I will continue to add more of my works.