Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Beginnings

Re-creation.  I see collage as a process of re-creation.  I see my life this way.  I see myself this way.

My purpose for this new blog is to highlight my artistic and photographic endeavors, to share my love for the arts and nature, and to share a bit of the inner workings that drive me to create.  If you, my readers, can connect to this in any way, my life will be enriched.

The osprey.  This one was showing off, dipping and circling over my head.

One of my favorite subjects, the hawk.

Just your friendly neighborhood alligator, 12 feet away.

Harns Marsh I and II,  mixed media using my original photos and the process of image transfer.  Taken at Art Walk, Fort Myers.
The Airedale, originating from a beautiful 1934 book of dog stories, illustrated by Diana Thorne, and Solitude, an original photo reworked.  Taken at Art Walk, Fort Myers.

If you wish to view the photos isolated, just click on the one you wish to see.  I will continue to add more of my works.


  1. Beautiful work, Peggy! It's good to see what you've been creating & I can't wait to see more.

  2. You are so talented and I wish you would come and faux finish my walls. My house needs your artistic touch!